Langbay Translations , established in the year 2006 is an independent and global solution provider for Translations and Interpretation Services. With its headquarters in India, Langbay Translations has been highly reckoned by various global clients for its superior quality of work and quick turnaround time. The company is well driven by an in-built team that comprises of professional native speakers, seasoned proof readers, skilled editors and tough task masters - The Project Managers .

Our services are extended to more than 240+ languages at Langbay Translations and are supported by 800+ certified translators at work on an average day. With a transparent system at work, the company is known for its cordial relationship with many global clients. This has fostered the growth of the company with various Multi-Lingula Services and also offers extended support on Web solutions and Outsourcing Off-shore Projects.

Quick turnaround time, Affordability and Superior quality of work are the signature statements of our company. Powered by the latest cutting edge technologies in the field, the company runs 24/7 to meets the requirements of potential clients. Translation services are available in almost all kinds of format and are strictly regulated by international standards.


We have a very clear aim as to what kind of company we aspire to be and work towards it. Our vision for the present and the future is to establish Langbay as synonymous with excellence, reliability service and high standards in the global translations market.

Client Preferences

We work towards building a client relationship that eventually leads to us understanding the core of your business's needs. To establish this, we maintain an open and transparent relationship with all clients that encompasses detailed input about the job. We like to understand all angles going in, so that there are absolutely no chances of delay or inaccuracies.

Keeping this in mind, we always request the following from our clients to offer them the very best of our services.
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